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Testing verifies that the CMS solution is functioning correctly for your internal users and that the website it underpins functions effectively for your website visitors.

Adding content

Once training is complete, you're in a position to start using the CMS tools. Adding content is one part of the testing process since it verifies that the CMS behaves as you would expect.

User acceptance testing

The more formal element of testing is confirming that the site behaves for your website visitors as it is intended, that they can gain access to any content which they are entitled to see, that they can transact with you and that any data generated by those transactions finds its way safely to you in the correct format.

Subject to the complexity of your implementation and the amount of bespoke development that has been undertaken, we'll agree the most appropriate testing regime. This might involve the production of test scripts with expected outcomes and the creation of scenarios that require site visitors to undertake specific tasks and to confirm the ease with which they can complete them.

We'll work with you throughout the testing process, making changes and taking any remedial action that is identified until the testing is satisfactorily concluded.

At that point, assuming that all of your content is in place, you're ready to launch!