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Welcome to the Helpdesk

Who we are

The Cubik Helpdesk is managed by me, Cubik's Head of Customer Service, Michael Scott. My team of Louise and Chris are on hand to answer your questions and help you get the most from your Cubik website. You will most often speak to Louise and Chris, but I am always available should you wish to talk to me directly. Just call the Helpdesk on 0113 238 6735 and ask for Mike.

What We Do

This help site has been designed to provide you with help, advice and guidance in the use of our software. However, you can contact us directly in order to:

  • Address any problems (‘bugs’ or ‘Errors’) that you encounter when using our software.
  • Configure features of the system that may not have been implemented at the outset of a project, as you decide that you wish to take advantage of advanced areas of functionality. We recommend that in most instances you contact us through this website, so that all information needed to resolve the issue is captured in the first instance. If you query is of an urgent nature, please contact us on: 0113 238 6735

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