Link Building is more art than science. To be effective we need to move away from automated blog posts and look to create a link building platform similar to the well known Gates360 system.

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Every Search Engine Optimised website project has its own set of objectives. As well as ensuring a client's website rankings, it is necessary for the successful web design team to possess a wide range of technical and SEO skills. Many sites now require some form of personalisation allowing the user to login to a secure area, whether it be to purchase a product, update their details or join a discussion forum. All users can effectively have their own 'site within a site'.

SEO Tools and SEO Reports allow Search engine optimisation to be utilised effectively, Clients can save a great deal of time and money by having the ability to update the site themselves. We frequently build sites that allow for Search Engine Optimisation and allow this through an easy-to-use graphical interface.

  • All the functionality you need using XML, PHP, MySQL, Perl and HTML programming
  • Visually dynamic and interactive Flash animations
  • Make your valuable data work for you and drive your website with database integration
  • Content management - update your site through a simple-to-use interface and save money
  • Sell your products and services - Shopping cart systems, digital certificates and secure servers
  • Protect your brand - Domain registration
  • 24/7 reliability - website hosting and administration
  • Get the message - bulk email design and broadcasting

Examples of some recent projects can be seen in the .

Remember- no matter how attractive and functional a website is, that of course is not the end of the story. It has to be seen to be believed and most importantly found on the World wide Web. We call this web marketing or Search Engine Optimisation.