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The process

We'll provide the supporting services that you need to achieve your project objectives.

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Developing a clear mutual understanding of your audiences, objectives and timescales is fundamental to the success of your project.
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We'll help you talk to your audiences in an appropriate tone, ensure impressive SEO results and retain your investment in existing content.
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A consultative process that delivers website look and feel that is consistent with an agreed design brief.
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We'll configure the underlying CMS solution, apply your design and undertake any bespoke development that makes your website unique to you.
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Training can be tailored to your needs with post-training support available via the TLE Help Desk and online.
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Testing verifies that the CMS solution is functioning correctly for your internal users and that the website it underpins functions effectively for your website visitors.
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Post-implementation support
You've gone live, but how do you get the best out of your new website? The TLE Help Desk is there not just to address problems, but also to support you in realising the full potential of your website.