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Use your TLE website to generate revenue to support your business or cause. Sell products, accept donations, or sell advertising space.


Do you have goods and services that you want to sell via your website? Create an online catalogue for your visitors to browse.They can add items to their basket and when they’re ready, make payment securely via one of the industry-leading payment gateways.Let potential members join and pay for membership, gaining immediate access to secure content.Offer discounts and promotions to your membership.


The e-Commerce media module allows a visitor to purchase downloadable assets such as documents, audio or video files and to gain access to those items as soon as payment is approved.

Courses & events

Simple transactions that do not require a shopping basket, such as booking onto a course or event (including capturing details about the number of attendees and meal preferences) can be performed in a single exercise via the use of a payment form.


For our charity clients, we understand the importance of effective fundraising.That’s why TLE gives you the tools and advice to create a persuasive argument for someone to donate (illustrating a campaign with relevant images and video content) and gives you the ability to take donations, either using a link to an external site or via our payment form.