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About WordPress

Understand why we've chosen to build on the WordPress platform.

WordPress is our web content management platform of choice. On an international basis, WordPress is the most widely-used website CMS solution, underpinning in excess of 17% of all sites on the web. This brings a number of associated benefits:

  • The platform is robust and stable; the scale of the user base means that any issues are quickly identified and addressed.
  • Because there is such demand for WordPress sites, there is a vibrant development community and a very large number of functional ‘plug-ins’ available at no, or very low-cost. So, if you have of a particular functional requirement, either now or in the future, there is a high-probability that a number of solutions will already exist to address it. The use of plug-ins can greatly reduce your initial site development costs and also reduce the cost of ownership of your site if you wish to extend its functionality over time.
  • WordPress is an open source platform. This is distinct from a proprietary platform, where you are dependent upon a single supplier to make changes to the underlying CMS software in order to fix bugs or implement enhancements to your website. It is our aim to develop a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with you and following the implementation of your site, we offer a warranty and thereafter offer an ongoing support package. However, you are not tied to TLE and can opt to work with alternative developers in the future if you wish.